Spring Nationals this Weekend!

Winter is over!

That means it’s time to put up or shut up on some of these builds we’ve been seeing online. Without a doubt this is one of the most highly anticipated events we’ve ever had the good fortune to host. The weather is looking outstanding and the pre-registration levels are like nothing we’ve seen before.

It would be awesome if you guys who are holding out to see what the weather was gonna do to pre-register would go ahead and take care of that for us. We are a small crew and registration at the track is a a real pain. Thanks.

2014 Spring National Flier Spring Nats mockup Weather

































Lets Race! 

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Viva Lake Geneva Scooter Rally 2014!

lake geneva





As you may know our friends the Scoot Jockeys have planned their rally this year to include our NASRA drag race in Wisconsin. If you don’t know these guys, and gals, are rad. They put on AmeriVespa a couple years back and host some of the best rallies this side of the Mississippi.

Check out their Meetup page and mark it down on your calender.




Let’s race!

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Spring Nationals T-Shirts

Spring Nats mockup
















If you want a Spring Nationals t-shirt please register online before April 11th.

We are only having a limited number of shirts made and we cannot guarantee that we’ll have your size, or a shirt at all, for you if you choose to register after the April 11th deadline.

Shirts are also available to purchase online before April 11th.

Thanks for your help,

Pick up or Ship?
Shirt size

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