Twist and Gone! Results

Twist and Gone Flyer UPDATED

It was cold, sometimes damp, long, and most definitely some of the best racing we’ve ever seen!

Thank you goes out to our die hard racers, sponsors, and the Bunker Hill Dragway. Your support is what keeps our sport alive and well. Many new faces this year along with the usual suspects is a big part of what makes this event special. You never know the crowd you’ll get, but no matter the racer’s experience everyone is willing to pitch in and help another racer out.

I’ll go ahead and say GY6 Store brought the biggest convoy of the year award hands down. Rode a boxtruck (a gigantic one), an RV, and a CRV all the way up from Shelby, NC. They then went on to win six trophies! The Wisconsin team’s Violent Peds, 87Garage, and the MetLove made the trip and won big in the King of the Hill. The local guys made it out with Sockpuppet Racing’s P210 Vespa sweeping the classes once again with Antisocial R/T claiming a few themselves.  

All in all with the ups and downs, hearing what you guys had to say at the summit, and just the overall vibe I think this may have been one of our best events yet. Dropping the frills and focusing in on what we like to do best, race. We’ll have plenty more where that came from in 2015. You betcha’, eh!

Please don’t forget to contact our awesome sponsors! We have to support those who support us as much as possible. I heard this was a pretty rough season for most of them so do what you can and stop into your local scooter shop and do some business.

For the rest of the results click the link below.
It will take you to the 2014 Twist and Gone! results and highlights.

Thank you!

P.S. Let’s race!

P.P.S. Seriously. Thank you!

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