Scooter Drag Racing @ Gasoline Rally

As you may have seen on the Gasoline Rally website NASRA, and Recreational Motorsports are bringing out a Test Track Dyno that will allow us to safely host the drag race portion of the event this year.

A lot of people ask me “What is a Test Track Dyno?”.
You’ll find your answers below in the video made by Scott at Recreational Motorsports.

As you can see this dyno allows you to accurately measure your ET safely and securly without theĀ inconvenienceĀ of having to take your scooter to the drag strip every time you make a change. Its evident that the Recreational Motorsports Test Track Dyno offers real value to the performance scooterist and scooter shops alike. Do yourself a favor and come out to Indy this weekend and check out the dyno for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

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