Does the internet make the world smaller?

Does the internet make the world smaller

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The Internet is an amazing thing. It allows us to talk to every person on this planet. To find every information that you want to know. The Internet is the endless source of all information, entertainment, and potential communities that might be interesting to you. The Internet is like a whole data of the world in one place, in the palm of your hand. But does that make the world smaller? Does that make us feel like everything is in the reach of our hands? If it does, is that bad for the whole world, or is it beneficial for all the people and potential progress? Only one way to find out. So let`s start.

Does the internet really make the world smaller?

This is the most important question of them all. Does the internet really make the world smaller? And the answer is, in some way, yes. In reality, it is hard to give an answer to this question because the question itself is very complicated. The internet growth is reaching huge numbers. First, we will talk about why does the internet makes the world smaller. And then why it can`t make all of the things that are part of our world smaller.

So, why does the Internet makes our world smaller? Well, firstly, it allows us to communicate with pretty much every person in the world in any part of this same world. You can talk instantly with the person who is on the other side of the planet, and most importantly for free. Sure, in the past you were also able to talk with the person on the other side of the world with the phone. But that would cost you a lot of money. But nowadays you can talk, live chat, cam chat, talk with multiple people at the same time and etc. We are all connected through the internet. And that really does makes our world fell smaller in a way. You feel like you are talking with your friend who is living just across the street. When, in reality, you are talking with a person that is thousands of miles away. And the most beautiful thing is that many people become real friends. They decided to meet up in real life. Some of them even become the best friends. Some of them become husband and wife. This is why the internet might make our world feel small. Because it gives us the opportunity to talk and meet people that we would not be able to meet in any other way. But with the power of the internet, we are able to do so.

Another reason is that internet provided us with many different ways to interact with other people. Like, for example, video games. You can play a video game at your home and play against other people who live hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. You can always find an ally or foe. You can always compete, create teams, talk to your teammates, the battle against other teams and etc. Many people had met other people through their love of the same game. They connected, they have made their own world smaller.

Why the internet doesn`t make our world smaller.

All the things that we said in previous part are thought. Why is it then that we think that the internet can`t make the world smaller? Well, we think that it can make it smaller as a whole, only parts of it. The reason is that the internet really does gives us all the information that we need, connection, friendship and etc. But there are things that it can`t give us, like real life experience. For example, you can look the pictures online of Niagara Falls, they definitely look beautiful. You can even watch the video of Niagara Falls. But you know what you can`t do? You can`t experience it yourself. You can`t feel the wind that falls create. You can`t feel drops of water on your skin, you can`t feel that real excitement that is only present when you are experiencing something with all of your senses. That is where the internet lacks. It cannot trigger our senses. The Internet starts and stops with the input from our eyes and mind. But it cannot excite our senses, touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. You can say that it can exist sight and hearing, but definitely not in the way that real-life input would. The Internet is more like „Out of this place“ experience. You can find pretty much anything about something or someplace. But you can`t give you that real experience, that real feel of seeing something for the first time with your two eyes. Maybe someday it will be possible to do it with the internet, but we are still very far away from that.

What is a conclusion?

What is a conclusion then? Does the Internet makes our world smaller or not? Some parts yes. Like communication, gaming, communities and etc. The Internet brings people together even if they are thousands of miles away. They share their thoughts, they talk to each other, they share same hobbies and interests. And there is no better way to connect those people than the internet. Internet gave us the capability to feel connected to all the people around the world. It gave us the chance to talk with anyone that we want. It has connected us all with one another.

But there are things that the internet still can’t do. Things that still only our human body can experience. That is why the internet will never replace our desire to travel. To see the world. To experience things that you would never experience in any other way. As much as the internet brings us together, it still can’t do it all. But should it? Should the internet really replace all the things that we experience? Should we just wear VR headset and „travel“ that way around the world? We would say definitely not. But should we use the internet to inform yourself about those potential experiences and use VR as a preparation? With this, we can agree. Our world really did become smaller with the introduction of the internet. But it will never be small, that is for sure.