Life without the internet: how it will look like

Life without the internet - how it will look like

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We can`t even imagine the world without the internet anymore. The Internet is taking part in pretty much every part of our lives. Everywhere you look you can find a connection to the internet. Pretty much every person in the west world has at least one social media profile which they can look 24/7 with their PC-s, smartphones, tablets and etc. We can even buy groceries online. Pretty much everything that we need we can get through the internet. But what would happen if we lost the internet? Or if you decided to live your life without any internet connection? If you decide to delete all of your data that has been put online. How would it all look like?

Would it be hard?

Would your life be hard without the connection to the internet? Probably it would. Especially if you do the majority of your transactions online. This could drastically change the way that you live. You would not only lose your connection with the internet and all the data. You would have to change the way that you lead your life. You would be unable to do most of the things from the comfort of your home. Every time that you want to buy something, pay the bills, meet up, talk, you would need to go outside. Sure, you could still use the telephone, but in this modern era, the telephone is just not enough. This way of life would be especially bad for the people who are anxious, who hate to be around other people. This way of life would force them to social interactions that they hate.

What would you have to do to remove yourself from the internet?

What would you really need to do to remove yourself from the internet? First, you would need to delete all of your social media accounts. We know that for most of the people this is something that you would not be able to do, as most people today can`t imagine their life without at least one social media site. But if you want to be of the grid, then you would need to delete all accounts. Then, you would need to delete all of your messenger apps like skype, WhatsApp, Viber. Then you would need to delete your email address. Deleting your email address is particularly dangerous because a lot of important data that we get comes through our email. And finally, you would need to disable your internet connection on your phone and at home. Then you would be off the internet for sure.

Benefits of life without the internet

Are there any benefits to the life without the internet? Yes, there are. First, you would be less stressful, as you would lose the need to always look on the internet what is happening in the world or who left the comment on your post and etc. Secondly, you would have much more time for yourself and your hobbies. You would think about things that are really important, and not about if someone had messaged you or not. Also, you would be much more aware of your surroundings. We know that a lot of people when they walk always stare at their phones. This can be really dangerous and lead to fatal accidents. But without the internet connection, you wouldn`t have any real need to look at your phone consistently. You would be much safer in a bigger picture. And, you would spend more time with your friends and your loved ones. You wouldn`t spend countless hours online and wait for some reply or comment on your post. You would finally be able to renew all of your friendships and talk to the people who really care about you.

Can you have a life without the internet? Yes, you can, but it would be a really hard one because modern world pretty much asks you to be always connected to the internet. But if you are really determent, then there is a real chance that you, and maybe all of us, would be able to live our lives without the internet. Because who know when we will lose our connection to the internet for good.