Online social communities: who are they

Online social communities -who are they

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Most of the people have Social media accounts, they have heard pretty much about every single social website on the internet. There are millions, if not billions of users. Each trying to be better than the next one. But most of the people don`t have same interests that they share. They have accounts for being connected to as many people as they can and everybody knows that. But not as many people have heard about Online communities. What are they? What kind of people are joining them? Are they popular? Why are they so special? Well, we will tell you all about them, so let’s start.

What are Online communities?

So, what are the Online communities?  They are groups of people from all around the world and for all different backgrounds that share the same interest or goal that they want to reach. This is why people in Online communities are much more connected and much more understanding of each other. They share same interests that they want to share with other people and goals that they want to reach. Online community is a healthy ecosystem that allows all of those people to talk to the people to have the same view as them, same interests. This way they can get the recognition that they have wanted, as they were unable to get it in their real community. Or they were just looking for people who share the same views and interest as them.

Why are they great?

Why are online communities so great? Well, because they connect people with same interests. This, in the end, gives you a bigger chance to meet a potentially great friend, or maybe potential future boyfriend/girlfriend. It also allows the people to talk about the topics that they want to talk about, especially to the people who will listen to them. Also, they provide a place of comfort and security for the people, which, for some is the only safe haven for them. It also allows you to trade things with other people if you are interested in trading items and etc.

Why people love more Online communities than Social media sites?

Well, it is pretty simple. People feel much more appreciated inside the group that they know is right for them. On social media sites, you can only find a few people that share the same interests as you. But in Online communities, you can find thousands and thousands of people who have the same interest as you. You can also get a lot of support from the people in Online communities. While on social media site you can get a lot of bad comments from the people who don`t share same interest or worldview as you. And you can feel safe inside the Online community. While on the other hand, on social media sites you never know who will contact you and what will they ask you to do. It is very hard to trust people on social media sites. Online communities give you a sense of security and acceptance that is hard to get anywhere else online.

Online communities are great for all the people who want to find a safe space for them online. Today it is very hard to find some place online that will offer you security to express yourself, to say what is on your mind and what is bothering you. Online communities are the only place where you can do so, where you can potentially meet new friends. We are social animals, and with Online communities, we can be even more social with the people which we never knew, and now they may be one of the most important parts of our lives.