Why Do People Find Anonymous Sketchy and Suspicious Group?


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It has been spoken in whispers through a lot of people, it has been heard through any social media form and many people have already heard about them and what they can do and what they have offered. The anonymous group is an international network that consists of activist and hacktivist entities. It is a website that holds a group of people who can do the “internet gathering” that will command a structure that operates the ideas rather than the directives. It has become a well-known entity where they do well-publicized publicity stunts and do the distributed denial services, aka DDoS, that attacks the government, the corporate websites and the religious.

There are some people who haven’t heard about the anonymous group, yes, that is right there are people who aren’t informed about them so to those who wish to know the basic information about them here’s a quick summarized format of the anonymous group.



The anonymous group is:


  • They are not an organization. It started with the 4chan. Its purpose was to become a discussion board where anime fans come together discuss, post image and comment together. The reason why it’s anonymous is maybe perhaps it was encouraging for everyone to go anonymous for users to take as a screen name.
  • Anyone can actually join the group. No one’s stopping you and if you truly wish to join this group then you have to consider joining the activist group because then you will be operating within the confines of the law.
  • There are real hackers. There are a few people who have hacking skills, but they are only a handful of them.
  • There’s a jail time for this. It is not illegal to be claimed as one of them or have an affiliation with them, and it is also not illegal to chat online however if you use the LOIC then you’ll be facing jail time for it.

Now, that you know some of the basic information about this type of group let’s ask the question why the government is afraid or apprehensive of them? The government has the right to be apprehensive about them. They are an uncontrollable bunch of people and they can be a threat to the society. They are also powerful. There are elite hackers within them, no matter how small they are, and they can be a threat to you or to the higher up whenever they want.

The number one concern that people have is the security breached. Your privacy will no longer be safe to you because of the potential that the anonymous group holds to you and the people around you. You are not alone in this type of fear and that is why there are so many people worried about this group and the possibility that they have if they become too powerful or uncontrollable for the government to hold.