The internet makes the world bigger – is it really true?

Internet makes world bigger

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Our modern society is based on the capability to connect to the internet. Pretty much every modern device has a capability to connect to the internet. We even have smart homes, smart fridges and etc. A product that is constantly connected to the internet. If the whole world would lose internet connection, this would create mass chaos in our society. People don`t realize how important internet is, how it connect us all, we can talk with pretty much every person in the world with just a click of a button. Many people think that with the internet, our world has become smaller. But does it, in the same way, makes it bigger?

Does the internet make our world bigger?

Now, answer this interesting question. Does the internet make our world bigger? And the answer is, in some way yes. It is hard to give a defining answer to such complex questions. But there are ways to give a somewhat comprehensive to answer. So, in what way does the internet makes our world bigger? Firstly, in and ironically, in the same way, that it makes it smaller. By allowing you to communicate with the people all around the world. Think about it. The Internet allows you to communicate with the billions and billions of people around the world. It has opened massive doors to every person, gave them access to the billions of other people. This may sound daunting to some. But it is amazing when you think about it. This capability that was pretty much impossible before the introduction of the internet.

The second way that the internet makes our world bigger is by social media and online communities. This is the first time in our history that we have a capability to be connected to so many people around the world. Before, you would only know a little bit about what your friends and people that you know are doing. But now with the emergence of social media, you know pretty much what each person that you know are doing. What hobbies they have, what is their stance on politics, other people. You can also communicate in large chat groups if you need to. You have access to so many people like you never had before. And, internet opened you the doors to finding the people who share same interests as you. Before it was so hard to find even one person that has some interests as you, especially if those interests fall under a very small niche. But now, even the smallest online community has at least a few hundred members. The Internet has made all of those communities so much bigger, better, and most importantly, connected.

Are there more ways that the internet has made our world bigger?

Of course, there are. For example, because of the internet, the whole world has become one big shopping mall. You have an access to pretty much endless number of products. You can buy what you want from the comfort of your home and with just a click of a button. There are so many internet web shops that offer millions and millions of products. From cheap ones to the premium ones. If you need to buy something, anything, you will find it online. There is no product that you can`t buy online. You can now even buy food online, how much that sounds weird, but you can. And for some people, this is a great option to buy the food that they need. This is why the internet is so great. Because it has really made our whole world in one big shopping mall.

There are of course, even more, ways that the internet has made our world bigger. For example, with gaming. When before you were able just to play games by yourself or in split-screen with your friends. Now you can play games with millions and millions of people. This is especially true for the MMO games. You can play with thousands of people on the same map in the same time. And when you experience that, oh man, there is nothing even similar to it. The capability to have a real like warfare with thousands of people online. That is something really special, something that gives you the chills when you experience it. The Internet also gives you the capability to play each game online almost instantly. The reason is because you are connected to all people on the whole continent that are playing the same game at the same time as you. There is no waiting for starting the game, as soon as you click play, the game will find people from all over the world so you can play with them. The Internet has created some amazing gaming communities that are massive. It made their worlds massive and interesting.

Will the internet in the future make our world even bigger?

So, will the internet as the time passes make our world bigger? Or did it get as big as it can? There are possibilities that the internet could make our world even bigger than it already has made it. If we get, for example, a global store that is the same for every part of the world. That could make the internet even bigger, the capability to find all of the products in the world on the one internet page. Or social media page that will connect all the people who have internet access. We still haven`t come to that point. But with time, who knows, maybe we will have global pages that are same for all the people around the globe.

So, we have come to the conclusion that the internet makes our world bigger in the way. But is there a point which it can’t pass? When will the internet become as big as it can? Yes, there is, and that point will be when all people on this planet will have an internet connection and access to all the internet sites. Will this day ever come? Only time will tell.